A business model built around each client’s needs

Typically, development consulting practices are either solo practitioners or sprawling consulting firms.  Consultants in Association Philanthropy pioneers a third approach:  a team of independent but closely affiliated consultants who collaborate on a continuous basis to provide counseling services to nonprofits.

Our distinctive business model offers the one-on-one attention and flexibility of the solo consultant but, like a larger firm, provides you a team of affiliated specialists who can draw on broad experience for your benefit.  That means our emphasis is on building your organization, not ours.

By limiting overhead and other associated business costs, we usually provide more services at less cost than a large firm; by collaborating as a team, we provide innovative solutions that a solo practitioner might not.

Our “firm” is virtual, but our teamwork isn’t.  The CAP team includes both full- and part-time consultants.  Our full-timers are accomplished consultants whose skills run the gamut.  Our part-timers are usually senior executives who, while holding other positions, are eager to apply their wide-ranging experience to stimulating consulting assignments.

Our unique business model has attracted a stable of top professionals, all of whom have achieved enviable track records as development officers and independent consultants.  We have carefully chosen colleagues to be part of our group who have had long-standing ties with all aspects of the philanthropic community.  Most of our members have been serving nonprofits with careers averaging 20+ years.

Though we come from varied backgrounds, we all subscribe to developing thoughtful approaches to the philanthropic community by matching your association’s needs with donors’ desires.  We believe our donors first methods not only will engage and inspire your donors, but will also help association leadership fashion bold plans to equal your constituents’ interests and enthusiasm.

Your lead consultant will learn your needs and culture and assemble the precise team required for your project. Our affiliated specialists are adept in a wide range of disciplines, from strategic planning to campaign planning to fundraising management, from executive coaching to marketing and communications.

And we speak all those languages with a distinctive, association-savvy inflection.

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