Unlock your fundraising potential

Philanthropy: the key to greater mission impact

Professional associations are paying more attention to the fundraising efforts of their philanthropic foundations these days.  And with good reason:  with the nation anticipating a huge intergenerational transfer of wealth, associations are discovering that philanthropy can be a valuable key to increasing member engagement, supplementing traditional revenue sources, and advancing worthy missions.

Consultants in Association Philanthropy helps your organization align strategic and philanthropic goals, evaluate fundraising capacity, and reach donors and prospects with compelling new opportunities to give.

CAP Webinar Series – March 31, 2:00 p.m. CST



It’s been a full year since COVID actively impacted our lives.  As we find our way through (and out of) this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, association and foundation leaders continue to deal with challenges to revenue streams, member and volunteer engagement, education delivery, evaluating return on investment, and strengthening and cultivating donor and sponsor relationships.

Through our client work and several surveys over the past year, the Consultants in Association Philanthropy team has been monitoring COVID’s impact and will share with you what we have learned, including snapshots of best practices and what association, foundation and corporate leaders are telling us about their expectations for the future. 

Presenters: P. Joanne Ray and Lori Vega, CAP Principals

Special guest:  Barbara Kay, DES, BKay Consulting

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