Philanthropic communication is a lot more than mere ‘packaging.’  It’s a way of connecting donors to the organization in ways they find personally meaningful. 

Case for Philanthropic Support

Strategic plans chart a path; the case for support reinterprets and packages those plans in a way that inspires donors to give.  As it calls people to the vision and articulates specific funding opportunities that resonate with donors’ interests, the case document provides organization leaders with key fundraising messages and a shared narrative that compellingly explains why this project, why now, and with what effect on the future.

Communications audit

A top-down review of the branding- and message-effectiveness of the organization’s donor print and social media communications helps to ensure that your organization’s good works are being effectively leveraged to engage, steward and compel donors and prospects.

Communications plan

By laying out key messages, creative content, editorial calendars, and engagement metrics, a philanthropic communications plan ensures a systematic and strategic approach to gaining donor mindshare.

Grant writing

Prospecting for grants can be a labor-intensive task, requiring the ability to crosswalk an organization’s programmatic priorities and funding needs against the objectives and guidelines of potential grant-makers  Our team can identify likely funders, write grants to fit their requirements, and/or take on comprehensive, turn-key management of your grants program.

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