Your organization has big ideas; does it have the donor base, culture and infrastructure to bring them to life?

Campaign feasibility study

An inspiring plan and case for support are only the first necessities for fundraising success; next is an objective evaluation of whether the plan will adequately compel the generosity of donors.  We will engage key donors in confidential conversations to cultivate their interest, probe their affinity for the organizational direction, and gauge their propensity to give. The resulting deliverable is a detailed analysis of donor attitudes, a proposed fundraising strategy, and a recommendation for an achievable fundraising goal.  A feasibility study can be scoped to reach a broad audience or streamlined to focus on a small number of pivotal top donors.

Development program audit

Effective philanthropy requires efficient infrastructure.   A development audit is a top-down, objective look at the policies, practices, staffing and funding that can determine program success.  Audit recommendations provide a pathway for establishing, professionalizing and upgrading the organization’s fundraising infrastructure and capabilities to a new level, no matter its starting point.

Analytics and wealth screening

Coordinating a wide variety of data from publicly available sources, analytics and wealth screening allow an organization to gain greater insight into the philanthropic capacity and propensity of constituents, whether they are long-time donors, members, or prospects. This information enables fundraising leaders to scope efforts, customize appeals, and confidently make solicitations that are in line with each prospect’s true capacity and propensity to give.

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