A carefully crafted development plan is essential to keep both staff and volunteers focused on the activities that result in revenue.

Annual Fund Plans

Many association foundations have the potential to raise millions in a comprehensive major gift campaign — but first the pipeline must be built.  Annual fundraising engages a wide range of donors and sponsors, not only generating yearly revenue but helping to identify the most prospects to be targeted for major and planned gifts.

Major Gift and Capital/Endowment Campaign Plans

A feasibility study sets an achievable goal; a campaign plan prioritizes essential activities and articulates the timeline required to recruit and structure volunteer leadership, engage donors, and accomplish solicitations at the pace needed for success.  We will provide nuanced plans for campaigns centered on capital improvements, program enhancements, endowment-building – or comprehensive campaigns that balance all these interrelated needs.

Planned Giving Campaign Plans

By tapping estate plans and other giving vehicles, planned giving allows many donors to give far more than they ever thought possible, often while receiving certain tax benefits themselves.  Specialized campaign plans built around these vehicles are especially useful in growing organization endowments and funding key initiatives while helping donors leave a legacy.

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